Enabling New Sources of Hydro-electric Power An efficient and environmentally sensitive method of harnessing hydropower
Trident AquaSail® is a new (patent pending) hydropower generation system* that offers an efficient and environmentally sensitive method of harnessing one of Britain's greatest natural and renewable sources of energy: tidal streams and rivers. The technology is also appropriate for open tidal waters and many low head inland waterways, especially where barriers already exist. Trident AquaSail applications link

Key Advantages of the Trident AquaSail®
Hydropower System

  • Maximised power extraction
  • Attractive returns on investment
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Safe transit for migratory fish and other marine life while at full operational status
  • Operational at variable water depths and flow rates
  • Synchronised power output suitable for mains power and supply to the National Grid
  • Automated System for incorporation in flood prevention solutions
  • Manual over-ride for additional safety
  • Minimal maintenance with only turbine blades exposed to water
  • Equally effective in 'open-water' applications
  • Approved by the Environment Agency, Natural England and the local Planning Authority at a highly sensitive site
* Patent Pending No.1318750.5