Potential Applications

Trident Renewable Energy Systems has developed a hydropower generation system* that will enable many more sites to be utilised for renewable energy at an acceptable return on investment and in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Below are illustrations of Trident AquaSail®'s potential at three surveyed sites.

Tidal River with a Storage Lake

Tidal River with a Storage LakeIncorporating the Trident AquaSail® system into a tidal lake management solution enables electricity to be generated from tidal flows over a longer period of time with minimal environmental impact. The system can also provide benefits to the wildlife habitat of the lake through (e.g.) improved oxygenation and nutrient distribution.

Tidal river with storage lake survey results
Coastal Pier

Where piers project into a significant tidal stream, they can provide a platform for Trident AquaSail®. A survey of such a site indicated that enough electricity for over 2,500 typical homes could be produced with an annual income of £875,000.

Example of tidal energy system at a coastal pier site
Estuary Crossing

Incorporating Trident AquaSail® into a Bridge Structure over a tidal estuary can generate significant electricity and income. A survey of one typical site estimated over 7,000 homes being supplied with electricity and nearly £2.5million of income a year at current rates.

Example of tidal energy system at a tidal estuary site
* Patent Pending No.1318750.5