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Trident Renewable Energy Systems

Trident Renewable Energy Systems (Trident) designs and manufactures innovative hydropowered energy generating systems to meet the ever increasing demands for harnessing tidal energy - the most powerful and predictable sustainable source of energy for the generation of electricity.

The Company was established in 2009 by the Directors of the marine engineering consultancy IPTec Sustainable Energy Technologies (IPTec) and brings together over 50 years of Hydrodynamic Engineering, Applied Marine Sciences, Product Development and Manufacturing experience.

During feasibility studies to assess the potential for generating electricity from tidal power, IPTec concluded that at many coastal and river-side sites (particularly those with high environmental sensitivity), a new type of harnessing system would be necessary to maximise power generation and obtain commercial viability for many Developments.

At a particular tidal-river location of extreme environmental sensitivity, IPTec was requested to recommend a suitable hydropower system. Failing to find a proprietary product that satisfied the site requirements, IPTec designed the 'AquaSail®' system: a low-head vertical axis turbine with a novel transmission system.

This AquaSail® system received approval from the Environment Agency, Natural England and the local Planning Authority and subsequently Trident was formed to bring the Trident AquaSail® system to market. The system is protected by a Patent Pending No. 1318750.5.

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